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About Target Marketing Solutions - Since 1995

Experienced - Focused - Proven - Technically Skilled in all aspects of Search Engine Marketing, Website Development, Paid Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) - PHP Programming, ASP, .Net Programmers, PHP Programming Services, MS-SQL, MySQL, Visual Basic - VB.Net Developers, E-Commerce, Plus.

Integrated Web Strategies ------> Website + Applications Programming + Web Marketing = Sales Growth

Involved in website programming and Internet marketing since 1995, Target Marketing Solutions, is single-mindedly focused on your goals in any search engine project or web development project. We collaborate with our clients extensively, asking questions, fact-finding, compiling and analyzing your information, constructing the foundation for the best web solution for your business. The goal is to get more customers/revenue, not just more traffic or clicks to websites. We have found that the dynamic of conversions versus clicks is something that is hardly even addressed or known by prospective clients. We think that objective, actionable performance facts, web analytics, are crucial to any Internet marketing success. After all, what good are clicks and traffic if nothing tangible or positive comes out of them? Companies with “clicks at all cost” goals are often at the same point in sales level at the end of a program as they were at the beginning or cannot present hard evidence of any positive effects achieved! They may as well used the money for other purposes. This is just not acceptable and a colossal waste of time and money when scarce budgeted marketing dollars must be used wisely.

These results are achieved through custom web applications development from experienced, top-notch web programmers and website designers (specializing in open-source PHP programming), experienced pay-per-click management consultants, search engine optimizers, and an open, progressive learning environment to make sure that our skill-sets are cutting edge. The Internet is constantly changing, now with mobile website activity increasing exponentially, so we keep updated daily on the latest techniques, trends, and news on everything that is the Internet. The following is a partial list of programming and project management skills that we have:

Website Developers for Hire - PHP Application Developers - PHP Programmers for Websites


Social Media Integration into Websites

Also, we are skilled and experienced in the use of the Google AdWords, and the MSN adCenter/Yahoo pay-per-click advertising systems.

View the stellar success our clients have achieved by entrusting their web programming, website development or search engine project marketing to Target Marketing. We can meet with you at your convenience, face-to-face, for a no obligation informational session. We would be honored if you gave us an opportunity to discuss and/or quote your Internet project. People inquiring about our services are our life-blood and are treated with the care and respect that they deserve. We’re courteous, friendly, easy to deal with professionals who promptly respond to our clients. We’re glad you chose to consider our company for your project.

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