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Our Internet Marketing - Search Marketing Results

Return on Investment (ROI) is our goal for each one of our Internet marketing and SEO clients. Each marketing plan and website is customized to meet our client's needs and business goals. Nothing is left to guessing. Target Marketing Solutions clients know exactly how their marketing programs and websites are performing. All Internet and search marketing services are tracked. Each client received regular reports containing statistical data verifying outcomes.

Each website we create has tracking code on it. You will know exactly how much traffic your site is getting, where that traffic is coming from, the search engines and keywords used to find your site, which pages were viewed, how long the viewer was on your site, etc.... Click on the image below to see a website report.

Our Search Marketing programs are also tracked. Clients receive keyword reports at least monthly. We also use a number of other methods to verify the effectiveness of programs and confirm conversion. A conversion is defined as a contact (i.e., call, email, sale).

Our Internet marketing consultants are experienced experts who know how to bring about significant results and maximize each client's marketing dollars. One of the best ways to evaluate our services is to see what our clients say about our results. So read what our clients say about Target Marketing Solutions services.

"We have discovered that the money that we spend with Target Marketing has brought us very nice dividends in the form of lead generation and more importantly, new work for Russells. We continue to use Target’s expertise to “fine tune” our website and PPC campaign." Russells Technical Products. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Website Development.

"what you have done by designing for us a truly effective web presence that fully complements our Internet marketing initiatives. Your company’s expertise has given us a marketing tool that provides us with an advantage over our competition in the market place in which we compete." Riviera Industries. Services Contracted: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Website Design

"The website you developed and your processes and procedures related to its operation have solved the problem of generating leads for the sales force. Your marketing services are well focused, and they have been worth the money spent on them." ibg NDT Systems. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization Services /Website Development

"Today, in the midst of economic turmoil and uncertainty here in Kentucky, we are doing better than we ever did in the "good old days." There is only one difference: Target Marketing Solutions." "You think ahead; by calibrating our online registration forms and web to toll free call in admissions to trackable, measurable data, you have shown us that every dollar we are spending with you is coming back to us many, many times over. In this regard, your performance has been particularly stellar." Brighton Hospital. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Website Development

"The two new websites that were prepared for us with the pay-per-click are fantastic. In the first four months of website operation, we have taken on more new accounts than we have in total for the past two years and with significantly higher dollar sales." Acorn Industries. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization/Website Development

“It (success) is quantifiable via the tracking software and my sales staff tells me that they get more activity via our website than tradeshows, cold calling, direct mailers, magazine advertising, and referrals combined”. Tronics US. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Website Development

"our sales are increasing substantially. The combination of website optimization and Internet advertising is the most effective and most efficient marketing tool I have ever witnessed" Huron Technologies. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization

"Visits to our site www.stjohn.org are up, due in large part to increased traffic from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, thanks to our keyword campaigns" St. John Health System. Services Contracted: Pay-Per-Click Management.

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