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Target Marketing Solutions has created a wide array of websites for businesses in many industries and markets since the Internet originated. Our skills and experience of our web designers are ideally suited for small businesses or large corporations - any business looking for optimal brand presence and visibility on the Internet. Our creative website designs with SEO that following Google's Webmaster Guidelines, are proven sales generators for established companies, and have helped launch small companies, e-commerce companies, and start-ups.

Get the big edge on the competition that you expect from a brand new website. Our website designers are experts in fusing custom web design together with an onsite Internet marketing plan to make your website the best it can be. We're not just about web design, but web design plus SEO to increased sales for your company. We offer an in-person, no-obligation website design meeting anywhere in Colorado for you to learn more about us and our SEO web designs. We get to know you and your unique Internet marketing needs to make your site the best that it can be. All of our web recommendations are always customized to your needs and budget. More information about our web design services can be found below.

How will your Website appear on Mobile Devices?

Current research is indicating that approximately 28 - 45% of searches to a website comes from mobile devices. Have you ever visited a site on your mobile device and noticed that there were areas thta didn't look right, or the navigation was difficult to see of use? That's probably because you were looking at a desktop version of that website. Given the increasing number of searches done from mobile devices, we recommend also having a mobile version of your site, which will properly display all content and images on mobile devices. We design websites to conform to latest HTML5 standards which allows for viewing all aspects of a website on all devices and mobile platforms. We follow W3C web standards, defining an open web platform application development that enables web developers to build rich interactive websites, powered by vast databases, that are available on any device. TMS can create mobile websites formatted specifically for mobile devices.

Google's Webmaster Guidelines for SEO

We use Google Webmaster Guidelines as our road map for SEO of all website design and development. Google is telling website owners what it wants to "find, crawl, and index" sites and we listen, follow, and SEO all sites to these standards very closely. Does your web designer know these guidelines by heart? This is crucial knowledge for your company's website to appear high in Google search results consistently.

The basic aspects of Target Marketing Solutions' website design:

  • Content: The substance and information on the website would be highly developed and target the site users that the company is concerned about
  • Usability: The website would be user-friendly, with the interface and navigation -simple and reliable.
  • Appearance: Website graphics and text would include a single style that flows throughout, to show consistency and promote a sophisticated, high end style. Professional, appealing, and relevant.
  • Visibility: The website would be designed for maximum, high rankings on all major search engines, especially Google.

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SEO Web Design for Sales

The primary reason a business invests money in a website is, in all likelihood, to bring in more customers and revenue. Your website should be designed and constructed as a web marketing tool that increases sales. That's why the site needs to be seen consistently in the search results. Website optimization plays a vital role in helping your site appear on searches allowing Google, Bing, and other search engine spiders or bots to understand what the topic of each website page is. Without optimization or SEO, your website is like an unlisted business phone number - no one will find it without knowing the name of your company.

We use reverse engineering to design our websites as a first step. Custom keyword research is conducted for every website design project before our designers create one page. This ensures that your site will contain the keywords that target your prospective customers. This is true search engine optimization in website design. Without this critical SEO first step, your odds of appearing on many Google page one search results go down significantly.

Is your company's market local to Colorado, regional, national, or international? The answer affects the website design and content chosen to attract the right prospects to your business. A local Colorado or Denver, CO business only serving local customers would not want to appear on searches in another country. Our website designs always target the appropriate market.

The Website Design Process

Planning, explanation, and execution are involved in the website development process. We provide a detailed explanation of our professional website design process.Our website development team guides you through every step of the site development process. We can design a website for your business to match your budget and company goals. Call us today to find out how we can partner with you to map out the best, most profitable website design strategy for your company.

Website Tracking Statistics - Google Analytics

It;s important to know how people found your website, and what they did once they got there. We include Analytics tracking code on every website project. The data provided give rich statistical insights into your website traffic effectiveness. Google Analytics is powerful, flexible, and its easy-to-use features let you analyze your website traffic data in an entirely new way. You'll be able to track your total web footprint from your new website, Flash, video, social networking sites, and other applications. We offer a variety of web analytics solutions that can be customized for your business needs

We'll present your business in the best possible way through the text, images, digital media, and interactive elements on the website. The experienced website designers at Target Marketing Solutions creatively combine these website elements to make your business vision a reality. Fresh ideas and inspirations in digital creativity are always in our website designs. Website design for Kentucky businesses and beyond.

We're available for a no-obligation consultation in Kentucky (Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Bowling Green, KY, Frankfort, KY, Richmond, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, Henderson, KY, Ownesboro, KY, Shelbyville, KY, La Grange, KY). A custom website design plan for both desktop and mobile for your business can be discussed in detail at your free consultation. Call 1-888-239-0332.