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Target Marketing Solutions is an SEO company serving all of Kentucky. We're ROI-focused and results-oriented, with proven client SEO results in many industries and market segments.
We follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines for SEO.
Since our inception, Google Webmaster Guidelines have been our road map for website SEO of all client website design and development. Google is telling website owners what it wants to "find, crawl, and index" sites and we listen, and optimize all sites to these standards to get you high rankings. Does your web designer know these Google website SEO guidelines? This is crucial knowledge for your company's website to appear highly in Google organic search results consistently across a wide variety of keyword searches.

SEO - A Powerful Sales Tool

Target Marketing Solutions, has perfected its SEO skills and SEO techniques to give our clients consistently high search engine rankings as part of an overall Internet marketing strategy. SEO is the most direct and cost effective route to sales growth for yoru business. SEO can be a powerful sales tools for any business as our clients will attest. SEO Testimonials.

Search Engine Optimization Experience

The only way SEO companies can become skilled in search engine optimization is to have done it many times on client sites, for many industries, targeting local, national, and international sales prospects. Then the results are monitored,a nd adjustemens are made to achieve the higheset return on investment (ROI). SEO services that don't take Google success into account flawed strategy, because Google represents approximately 72 percent of all United States searches. The percentage search audience is higher in Europe. Google domination is especially true for industrial and manufacturing companies because engineers, buyers, and purchasing agents use Google even more than the average. Target Marketing uses all of our accumulated expert SEO knowledge and experience on every website project.

What's Important to Google to Rank Your Site? Content!

From Google's Webmaster Guidelines:

"Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content."

"Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it."

An information-rich website is one important factor. And creating Google-friendly websites is the goal. The text content of your website is crucial in any search engine optimization project, and it must mirror the keywords and phrases your targeted prospects would search for. Content is for both the searchers as well as the search engines.
Custom keyword research for your target market is always a starting point in our SEO consulting services. Google regularly pushes out new updates to its indexing algorithm. These usually go unnoticed by the average user. But the changes generate a great deal of buzz and discussion across digital and SEO agencies in the online marketing universe. Google's latest algorithm update is all about freshness of the search results. This isn't to say that the content in the results is going to be in chronological order, only that the search results you find will be checked for their age as part of Google's process for determining relevance in ranking web pages.

Target Marketing Solutions routinely keeps updated on all search engine optimization news, SEO tips and techniques, and indexing method changes that affect the search results page rankings of website pages.

View our SEO Checklist for a technically, detailed step-by-step SEO guide into our SEO process.

We have been in the Internet/SEO marketing business since 1996. Target Marketing Solutions is single-mindedly focused on the sales and marketing goals of our clients in all of our search engine optimization or web development projects. Our clients range from large corporations to the smallest manufacturers. Results are achieved through experienced, top-notch web programmers and designers, experienced pay-per-click management consultants, search engine optimizers, and an open, progressive learning environment to make sure that our skill-sets are cutting edge.

Tracking SEO Results

You've probably already realized the importance of knowing and understanding who is coming to your website and what they are doing while they’re there. We always include enterprise-class web analytics solutions in all of our marketing projects. This gives you rich statistical insights into your website traffic effectiveness. Google Analytics is powerful, flexible, and its easy-to-use features let you see and analyze your website traffic data in an entirely new way. You'll be able to track your total web footprint from our website SEO efforts, as well as video, social networking sites, and other applications. Other web analytics solutions are also available.

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Custom SEO Recommendations
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns
  • Detailed SEO Reporting - Verified Outcomes

Call the SEO specialists at Target Marketing Solutions to find out the vast internet marketing options available for your company. We can work within your budget to deliver the best results possible. We're available for a no-obligation consultation in Kentucky Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Bowling Green, KY, Frankfort, KY, Richmond, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, Henderson, KY, Ownesboro, KY, Shelbyville, KY, La Grange, KY). A custom website design plan for both desktop and mobile for your business can be discussed in detail at your free consultation. Call 1-888-239-0332.

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SEO Strategy - Is it Local in Kentucky, National, International?

Is your business local, regional, national, or international? The answer affects what the SEO copywriting, SEO website design, and content should be to attract the "right" prospects. It also affects how your site should appear on the search engine results pages. Many searchers routinely include a location in their searches. Locations need to be included in your website content if your company's website has a chance to appear on page one of the search results. A local business serving only local clients would not want to show up in search results in China. Details matter in search engine optimization and we're well aware of the important details that always impact the traffic levels going to your website. Our SEO services revolve around the unique keywords that prospects use to identify your company.

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Take advantage of our search engine optimization expert knowledge. Search engine optimization can be just one aspect of a comprehensive Internet marketing plan involving pay-per-click marketing, social media, videos, rich media, email campaigns, and iPhone/Android applications to fully unleash the true sales power of the web.


We're available for a no-obligation consultation in Kentucky (Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Bowling Green, KY, Frankfort, KY, Richmond, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, Henderson, KY, Ownesboro, KY, Shelbyville, KY, La Grange, KY). A custom website design plan for both desktop and mobile for your business can be discussed in detail at your free consultation. Call 1-888-239-0332.

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